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Hi Its been a while since I posted today I am feeling so down and tearful and dont know why I lost my baby in feb his cord strangled him I was 19 weeks pregnant the first few months were hard but I started feeling better however today I just feel so angry and upset I cant help thinking the hospital should have done more my baby wouldnt have died if I had more scans. In England you are only allowed 2 scans one at 12 wks and one at 20. My 16 week blood test showed high levels of hcg but they just told me to wait til my 20 wk scan maybe they knew then? Why did he have to die? its so unfair I want my baby back I got pregnant again in May but had a m/c at 6 weeks but I dont cry over that baby like I do this one I want to try again but dont coz I want the other baby back so much he was perfect even his little fingernails were perfect life is so unfair and I dont know why I cant just carry on and get over it he doesnt even have his own plot in the cemetary coz he didnt make it to 24 weeks so never got a birth certificate either why do I feel like this? It hurts so much I just want my little boy back

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