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I felt nautious almost like throwing up, my cramps were bad and I think I was still having contractions like my body was trying to get rid of something. but at the same time I had a normal period. But after the period I spotted all the time. Also, my stomach was not going down anytime soon. I am a really petite person so I knew something was wrong. My OB said that it would subside but it never did from April - June, but I had a normal period in May. After the second D&C my period came 2 days later and it was very heavy with lots of bad cramps. So Immediately my body went back to normal.

Please get a second opinion from another DR or even your GP. You do not want that to be in side of you too long.

Take care and keep us updated on your progress. You will be fine and back to normal in no time to try again!!![/QUOTE]

Thank you for your information it is very helpful. It is hard for me to see another Dr. because my Husband is in the military and we have to go throught the Military insurance. I have already saw 3 different OB Dr's at William Boumount Army Medical Hospital. Well it is now Saturday and I don't have any cramping or anything like that. Just the slight fever. I also don't know if it is allergies that is making me have this fever because my throat is itchy. I am going to my Primary Care Dr on Tuesday and I will ask them if they could refer me to have a check up. Everytime I would go and ask a OB Dr they said that they wouldn't exam me because I was not in any pain or severe bleeding that I would have to go throught the ER. Right now I noticed and this was yesterday too that when I wipe I get light brownish discharge. I think that is old blood?? I still haven't had a period and my miscarriage happened July 25th. Unless this is what it is going to be like for now. How long does it usually take to have a normal period. I haven't really much been having sex once in a while but with a condom. I don't know just ever since I had the miscarriage it is like I am scared to have sex again, because I am affraid it will happen again. But we really want a baby.

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