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Re: Miscarriage?
Sep 3, 2005
Hi Clover,

It does seem like a miscarriage to me also. If so, it may take your body about 6 to 8 or so weeks to get back on a monthly cycle. Even an early pregnancy affects your hormones, so be aware that you may be on an emotional rollercoaster for the next few weeks as your hormones settle back down. Tears may come without warning or cause even though you didn't intend to be pregnant now. Like Roxy said, she cried and cried. Normal.

Be assured that a large percentage of pregnancies end in unexplained miscarriage. Some statistics say as many as 1 miscarriage happens in 5 pregnancies, and it often occurs even before the woman realizes she's pregnant - a slighly late period comes with an oddly heavy flow and she may never know that was an early miscarriage. Nothing you did or didn't do, thought about, worried about, or wished made this happen.

Do watch for fever, increasing abdominal pain, or heavy bleeding (maybe with clots) as those are indications of retained bits of tissue and possibly infection. This may not happen, but be aware of the significance if it does and then you would need to see the doctor right away even if your insurance coverage hasn't begun. An infection that isn't treated promptly and properly can cause scar tissue inside that makes it difficult to become pregnant later.

Keep your appointment with the doctor and take the picture with you. Ask the doctor when to begin you BC pills again as you want to be protected.

Wishing you well - Barbara

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