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I think I may have just experienced a very early miscarriage. I havn't visited my doctor (insurance.. college student; finishing up paperwork, so there is a hold on my health coverage right now). If anyone who's ever had or knows about a miscarriage could tell me if these symptoms sound right I would appreciate it. I've never been pregnant (to my knowledge), so I have no previous experience to compare this to.
Situation; Started taking birth control two months ago, doctor told me that symptoms such as breast tenderness and possible nausea were to be expected and normal. Well, this is the end of my second month, and a week and a half after my last period (first one on birth control) I started experiencing symptoms attributed to pregnancy... breasts really enlarged (from B to C/D), sensitive and sore (especially nipples), odd pulling sensation and knotty/crampy feeling in lower abdomen, solid bloating in lower abdomen (when I laid on my belly, I felt an obvious lump in my abdomen), tired, sensitivity to smells, irratability, frequent urination, constipation, and very thirsty. Occasionally I'd feel kind of sicky. But, since I only missed taking a few of my pills by an few hours, I figured I wasn't "really" pregnant and kept taking them. I figured maybe I had gas. Although I felt oddly "different". If I were pregnant, I'm thinking it would be from right after my last period, and I would be (have been) three weeks along. Or, since my last period was so irregularly short and light (which I contributed to the use of birth control), I could have been possibly further along (maybe five to six weeks). I've heard of implantation bleeding, but not sure how much is too much for that.
Well, this is the week of "inactive" pills, and those were started this past Sunday (today is Friday).
Last week I started spotting with a light brownish to light pinkish fluid that started on Tuesday and lasted till Friday. I also had mild cramps that felt like a fist in my abdomen. The next two days were fine, no cramping or spotting. Then, Monday, while at work, I started to have back pain. I went into the bathroom expecting to have started my period and there was a little brownish blood. After putting on a pad, I resumed my work duties. [B]Suddenly, I began experiencing sharp almost rythemic dull yet stabbing pains that came and passed every ten to fifteen minutes and happened about 4 or five times, with each pain it made me nearly double over. Each pain lasted about two to five minutes. I felt an odd gushing sensation like I just bled alot or even possibly wet myself. I left work early since I could hardly stand, when I got home and pulled down my pants I found a clump of soft tissue that was light pinkish and about two to two and a half inches long and equally as wide, and several mm thick that was stuck to me. It looked like skin, only a bit more pink, and felt almost like the skin of a piece of uncooked chicken, only thicker. I picked it up, and there was not much blood in the pad, although there was a greyish brownish stain to it, and the (body) tissue had a deep reddish lump in one end that looked like it had tiny veins radiating out from it that kind of faded into the pink tissue that made up most of the glob. It was not a blood clot, it was actual body tissue. I kind of pressed and felt around it, and that one reddish end was the only place that felt like it had a semi-solid mass in it.[/B] I gushed blood again for a few moments, and now it seems like a regular period, only I keep having occasional back pains, and the bleeding isn't really heavy, although it keeps varying from light to medium and back again, which is not normal for me. I'm wondering if I'd have caught the "tissue" when I first expelled it, maybe there was more liquid to it
This tissue is the thing that makes me think I've had a miscarriage without ever knowing I was pregnant. I saved it and called the doctors office, where they told me that lab testing would be expensive (I'd have to pay out of pocket), so I took pictures and disposed of it. I'm thinking that the tissue was maybe too large for placenta/whatever the baby is in at this stage, but I don't really know much as I can't find any descriptions of what miscarriages/embryos look like (specifically) to compare this to. Will the doctor be able to tell me without the actual tissue sample if it were a miscarriage? Does this sound like a miscarriage? I'm worried about if it were (which seems to be the only possible thing to me at this point), why did it happen? Is it because I kept taking the birth control? I plan on talking to my doctor at an appointment in about two weeks when my insurance kicks back in. I guess my main question here is [U]"[B]Does this sound like a miscarriage[/B]?"[/U]
Also, suspecting pregnancy especially after the wierd spotting, I took a pregnancy test that came up negative the last day that I was spotting (two days before the "tissue"). Another question, if my body were rejecting the (possible) pregnancy at such an early stage, could it not produce the normal hormones that would trigger a positive pregnancy test? A friend of mine took four pregnancy tests that were negative, but she was two weeks late and went to the doctor where she was confirmed pregnant. She lost the baby at about two months.
Thank you to anyone who posts a response, I know this is long, but I'm kind of scared and sad and confused all at once. Any comments would be helpful, even if it's to address something other than one of my bazzilion questions. I havn't even told my b/f that this is what I'm seriously thinking, because he'd be really sad and worried about me, especially since he knows I don't have insurance at the moment. I told him I wondered about it, but not too seriously, I just don't want to needlessly worry him.

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