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well, i called the planned parenthood and talked to the physician's assistant there and told her of what happened and she said that because i had my normal periods and was on birth control that i probably wasen't pregnant at all and there probably was no way to know if that were a miscarriage......but i just don't understand then....what could it of been? sounded so much like what you described and that other lady, i don't know,,,,,i'm just crying now cause i don't really believe what she said and how does she now for sure to give me such a quick answer like that....could you possibly help me figure this out.....i'll give you all the info- i had my period July 27th through August 2nd, then i was not on any birth control until August 19th.......that's when imbetween i started noticing the pregnancy symptoms, this pain that i've been having in my lower abdomon too, i took a pregnancy test at the doctor's before i got the birth control that turned out negative (but it could of been too soon to tell) i put on my first patch Aug. 19th and took it off the third week which was Sept. 9th, then i started my latest period on Sept 10th and it just ended today, but a few days ago is when i had that tissue come out of u think i could of got pregnant sometime imbetween August 2nd and the 19th, and then maybe because of the birth control lost the baby........i really want to figure this out...i won't have any peace of mind until i know for sure...maybe i should get a second actually make a private appointment with a gynecologist and explain it more to them.........they might know more about that sort of thing...thank you for being there to talk to, please message me back as soon as possible! Jen
Well, I made the appointment to go see my gynecologist tomorow Sept.22 at 2:30, so finally i hope i'll be able to get the help i really need. I'll message you all back when i find out if i had a miscarriage or not, or also possibly have endometriosis. Thanks for all your help in this situation, i never would of know this was what it could be and probably wouldn't have gone to a doctor if it wasent' for your advice and support. Sorry to all of you who have lost a child, I know it must be extremely hard (I know if i find out it was a miscarriage i'll also be sad, even though i'm not ready for a baby right now, it still is a part of you and something that you'll love no matter what circumstances). May you have the best of luck in concieving again! God bless all of you!! Jenny :angel:

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