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Thank you for your responses. I couldn't clearly identify anything, but suspect that if it were a miscarriage, the fetus was probably where the dark reddish/purplish spot was inside the tissue I expelled. It would have only been about the 1/4 the size of a penny almost exactly (I could feel a lump that size in the dark spot within the tissue). Does it still sound like a possible miscarriage? I keep looking at the pictures trying to figure it out. I also wonder if (it were a miscarriage), I was so shocked by finding the tissue that I didn't even look to see if it were only blood I expelled immediatly following. So if there were a fetus seperate from the tissue, then I missed it.
I'm still bleeding, and the blood varies from reddish/pinkish to deep purplish/red, sometimes it's heavy, sometimes it's light. Been a few occasional times when it seems bright red. Generally it's slowing down it seems, but I also keep passing small pieces of tissue. Also, I've been sick this last week, mainly with sinus and allergies, but I've also been experiencing nausea and keep losing my appetite. I don't know if it's my nerves from being worried or something else. I can't wait to go to my doctor. Do you think that by either late this week or early next week a blood test will still be able to tell if I had any pregnancy hormones (left)? What else could cause such a large tissue to come out of me? (And not be bloody), it was just greyish/pinkish with a few darker greyish/brownish spots and then the really large blood/lump spot. If you have any ideas other than a miscarriage, I would like to know. I don't want to be a hypocondriach about this and have it be not a miscarriage. Normally my periods start with cramps and lasts five days, with it starting heavier and tapering off over the next few days. I'm still bleeding and it's been a week, not including the four to five days that I was spotting the week before. Its just not normal. I've been taking my temp for the past few days, my naturally low body temp (97.7) has been fluctuating between 97.0 and 99, but I don't know if it's because of the sinus/allergy or from the possible miscarriage. I read a few other posts where the response has been "yes, sounds like a miscarriage" and it sounds like what is happening. I broke down and sobbed, as it became more of a possibility and reality to me. I also told my boyfriend my suspicions and we both looked up different possibilities including endometriosis and thyroid problems as possible causes. Even side effects of the pill. Nothing matched. He's sad too, since, even though at the moment we aren't fully prepared for kids, we know that in the future, we do want them together (after we're married, preferably not until after we're both done with college). But even still, if I had been pregnant, even though it would have been scary for us, we would have been so happy because we know we want children together. It just makes me sad, because if I were pregnant at all I would have rather had the baby than to have nature take it away. It feels rediculous to be crying now when I don't know for positive that miscarriage is the case, but just the possibility, and the striking similarities in the stories I have read and my own; nothing else seems to fit. Thank you again for your posts. I would really like to hear more, it would really help.

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