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well, i called the planned parenthood and talked to the physician's assistant there and told her of what happened and she said that because i had my normal periods and was on birth control that i probably wasen't pregnant at all and there probably was no way to know if that were a miscarriage......but i just don't understand then....what could it of been? sounded so much like what you described and that other lady, i don't know,,,,,i'm just crying now cause i don't really believe what she said and how does she now for sure to give me such a quick answer like that....could you possibly help me figure this out.....i'll give you all the info- i had my period July 27th through August 2nd, then i was not on any birth control until August 19th.......that's when imbetween i started noticing the pregnancy symptoms, this pain that i've been having in my lower abdomon too, i took a pregnancy test at the doctor's before i got the birth control that turned out negative (but it could of been too soon to tell) i put on my first patch Aug. 19th and took it off the third week which was Sept. 9th, then i started my latest period on Sept 10th and it just ended today, but a few days ago is when i had that tissue come out of u think i could of got pregnant sometime imbetween August 2nd and the 19th, and then maybe because of the birth control lost the baby........i really want to figure this out...i won't have any peace of mind until i know for sure...maybe i should get a second actually make a private appointment with a gynecologist and explain it more to them.........they might know more about that sort of thing...thank you for being there to talk to, please message me back as soon as possible! Jen
Thanks for explaining all of that to me. You are right though in the respect that the lady that i talked to on the phone from planned parenthood seemed really cold and uncaring. I mean u think she could be a little bit more sympathetic and trying to understand than just shrug me off and say i probably didn't have a miscarriage. She evan said "evan if you did have a miscarriage, there's nothing more we can do." I found that to be a little mean!
I probably should go see a gynocologist about what happened , i mean it did happen last week so you think the pregnancy test could still come out positive? i shouldn't have gotten rid of the tissue now that i think about it though, it would of helped if i could of atleast took a picture of it and shown it to the doctor. Well maybe she'll still understand from me just explaining it.
That scares me that you said that you could possibly die if you still have some tissue left in you. I think ur all right though, it's better to go get it checked out than just to forget about it!
I was thinking for awhile that it could possibly be endometriosis but i didn't say anything to my doctor. The doctors thought it was something to do with my digestive track but i don't think it is. I mean the pain is in my lower abdomon, below my belly button and it's there every day, it's been really bothering me yesterday and today, I should ask the gynecologist about that, maybe that is it (what's causing the pain), they did do an ultrasound of my entire stomach and found nothing wrong but would an ultrasound show endometriosis? i think i'm going to call now and make an appointment for tomorow, the sooner i get all this figured out the better, and one more question, how can u still be pregnant if you've had that expelling of that tissue? Your reply's are very appreciated! Thanks Again, Jenny
i had the exact experience described in the first post of this thread. the tissue that was expelled looked exactly the same, and by my calculations if it were an embryo (technically still too young to be a fetus) it would be perhaps about a month and a half to two months developed. the tissue i expelled was a sac about 1 inch diameter, though it hurt like hell coming out and felt a lot larger. i called the nurse at my gynecologist's office, and she said it sounded like a miscarriage and i should probably come in for a blood test and maybe some kind of ultrasound. then she said she'd talk to the doctor on call and call me back.

when she called me back, she said the doctor thought it was a "clot" (definitely not a blood clot --- over half of it was thick, pale greyish pink tissue without any blood on it at all except some thin veins inside) and that i should take a home pregnancy test and call back. so that's what i did, and the test was negative. the nurse then said it was probably some "crazy kind of clotty thing" and that i should go to an urgent care if it happens again, but if that's the only one that i experience then there's nothing i need to do about it.

i don't really find "crazy kind of clotty thing" an acceptably clear final diagnosis, though, so i was browsing the internet for information just for my own curiosity, and the two possibilities that have stood out so far are:

1. miscarriage --- but after even eight weeks, the embryo is still pretty incredibly tiny. the placenta might have developed that big, perhaps, but the embryo would probably still be invisible to the naked eye.

2. corpus lutenum cyst --- again, seems like this would be way too small to explain what i experienced. also, i don't like this possibility because if this is the case, i'd be prone to it happening again. not fun!

the miscarriage explanation seems slightly more plausible to me, especially since it occurred first to the nurse as well. i know it's a painful thing to experience, both physically and, for some, emotionally, especially people who are staunchly pro-life and think of it as a baby that lost its life.

however, take comfort in the fact that over 80% of pregnancies naturally terminate, most before the mother even realizes she was pregnant, and she rarely notices the earliest "miscarriages" because they are so small and cause no more discomfort than a normal period.

pregnancy is a complicated thing, and a lot of times the embryo just doesn't get off to a good start. conditions aren't exactly perfect, or there was a small genetic flaw in the egg or sperm that caused it to be unable to continue growing. this is natural and normal, and it is nature's way of preventing many kinds of birth defects that we never even see in fully developed babies because they cause the embryo to stop growing so early. this clears the stage for healthier pregnancies to take place, resulting in overall healthier human populations.

so if you've had a miscarriage, whether you don't intend to have a baby yet or if you were trying to and feel that this was a "failure", don't think of it as any bad thing you did. it is just nature giving you a fresh start to make a healthy baby that will have better chances of living into adulthood, whenever the time comes.

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