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I had a blighted ovum 13 years ago, first of all I knew when I got pregnant and I knew I was even tho the tests came back negative for the first 2 months, they decided to do a blood test which came back inconclusive, so I was frustrated, I had all the symptoms, morning sickness, sore breasts, my hair was falling out etc, so I decided to go and get one final urine test. Finally it was positive, I knew it, and I was so happy, by this time I was approaching my 3rd month, I felt really good until one day I woke up and was spotting, this was my first pregnancy, so I freaked a little bit. I went to see my doctor and she informed me that my cervix was opened and I cried so hard, I thought it was the end of the world. I started bleeding heavier and cramping, but nothing would happen, so they admitted me to the hospital and induced labor, let me tell you what, that was very painful, they gave me demirol, but that didn't do much but make my head want to sleep! I was induced for 9 hours, finally I was dialated enough to push out a sack, the baby died at conception, but my body didn't know it and was going through the pregnancy like its suppose to, I delivered a 3 1/2 month old placenta. I cried so hard I broke the blood vessels in my face. The pathology report indicated that due to the blighted ovum, I could have carried full term, how awful that is why they induced me. I feel for all of you out there that has to go through all of this, I have since had 3 more miscarriages, the only reason they can find is that I have Polysistic Ovarian Syndrome. I am 38 now and I have given up, I can't afford infertility, and I have other health problems such as diabetes and I just don't want to put my body through all of that and for what? Another loss? No thanks, I will adopt if I decide to be a parent.

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