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Thanks Weepy!
I feel better knowing that someone else has worries too...I guess we all do on this board. For me, my m/c wasn't a really big deal cause I had only known for about 36 hours that I was pg. I also work with special needs children and felt that it wasn't for me to have a baby with the same needs I face at work.
But then when it took so long to conceive again I thought about how unfair it seems and I know that in Jan I will mourn the loss of the baby I didn't have as I rejoice at the life inside of me.
I just told my best friend at work who is so excited. No one else here will know for a long time...I work in a Catholic school and I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the prayer if things aren't o.k. I think I'll wait until I've reached the point I made it to last time...another week or so before I tell my family...maybe even longer than that.
I go to to the dr. next Tuesday and will see if she will run any tests to help ease my fears.
I don't know about temping...I think I'll keep it up until after next week too...last time everything was so weird and I wasn't totally sure I'd even been pg at times ( my hpt's were neg and then only faintly positive) and I had always wished I had some other info to give my doctor.
Again thanks for the support and I'll see you on the pg board (hopefully for 9 wonderful months!!!)

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