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I'm 28 and have had 5 children. I had two miscarriages during that time. Then in Dec. 2003 I became sick with an autoimmune disease. Since then I have not been able to carry a baby to term and have had four miscarriages in a year (two were second trimester losses). Right now we don't know if the cause is the autoimmune condition or a possible genetic problem (testing is being done for the genetic part).

We're going to try waiting a year and if I'm feeling well and things look good we may try again.

My last miscarriage was only 6 weeks ago so maybe it's all still too fresh but some days I'm not sure I ever want to try again and other days I ache to have another baby.

Does anyone else have this back and forth struggle? Pregnancy used to be such a wonderfully precious time for me and now I just fret and fear over it. I don't want to miss out on the joy of carrying a baby by worrying but you can only get slapped in the face so many times before you learn to flinch and duck KWIM?

I don't miscarriage is too many but 6 is almost unbearable. For now we're not trying but even in a year I wonder how I'll feel.

Love and Prayers, Kelly

P.S. Although we'll be using barrier method contraception I'm so afraid that I'll get pregnant within the year and have to do this all over again (miscarry). I'm getting to the point of being afraid of having sex (although I'm still flowing from the miscarriage so we haven't but it'll be soon). Does anyone else have these fears? I just feel kind of alone and without anyone to talk with who understands. Thanks for listening!

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