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My OB told me that with a natural miscarriage the only reason to wait one cycle is to date the pregnancy (it's just easier on everyone all around rather than guessing).

With a D&C though he said it's best to wait three cycles to give the lining time to build up again due to a D&C removing more of the lining than a natural miscarriage. Also so that any trauma to the cervix and uterus will have time to heal.

I have personally been pregnant before my first period twice and had successful pregnancies follow. Although I've never had a D&C so I don't know how it may have gone.

You have more options than just waiting to go on your own and having a D&C. You can request having Misoprostol (a single 800mg dose) inserted vaginally and it will get things going for you. It spares the cervix the trauma of being forced open and keeps the uterus from having to be scraped out. It also avoids all the potential risks that any surgery poses. Obviously we know though that a D&C is a safe and effective procedure...I just wanted to let you know about this option. My OB recommended it when we don't go into labor after two weeks.

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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