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I am 21 and have been married for 8 months. I love babies so much, I find that I am so intrigued by their every move...wondering what they may be seeing for the first time that day..what new thing they have just learned... My husband and I hope to have six..yes crazy sounding, but we both come from big families...however we decided to wait to start a family till we got more settled and close to being done I was put on the Patch.

We have lived in washington since my husband and I got married. My dad offered to fly me and Lance( my hubby) back to my home town Boston, Ma. to visit for a couple weeks , as he had some extra vacation time he needed to use. Lance is in college and taking 15 credits of he couldn't miss anything.....but I could, so here I am...other than the sad piece of info I am about to share with has been an enjoyable trip. Ithink I am still in shock...

5 days ago I woke up and went to the bathroom and saw I was spotting blood which seemed odd to me because I had just had my period the week before I came out here to Massachusetts...throughout the day I kept spotting...when it came time for bed I went to the bathroom and saw on the tissue paper that there was an odd brown colored tissue substance...something that I had never seen before....thought ok that's different..but still didn't have a clue...that night I woke up because I had terribly painful cramps which again seemed odd because I am on Birthcontrol..and don't get those anymore..the next 3 days I bled really heavy....with half dollar at a time blood clots coming out of me..

I finally realized this wasn't normal because #1 on Bith control=regular periods-->just had mine..#2 definatly never bleed this heavy..or cramp..#3 my gut feeling told me something else was going on here...

So I called my doctor...who asked for my symptoms..she told me it was likely I was having a misscarriage and I should go take a pergnancy test...I was in shock..I mean How!!!!???? I made sure I did everything right with my BC...How did I not know?..took the test... of course it was positive....really in shock once I saw the proof...

Why do I feel such a loss for something I never even knew I had? this being here without my husband has been so hard, I wish he was here to hold me. He took this harder than I thought he would...He cried today...he is and I quote"pissed at the Birth control" yes, I bet it had something to do with this..

I just feel so weird..a baby started to grow inside me!!! It never even crossed my mind that I would have to someday deal with a miscarriage. This is hard..and even though I am here with my family..I miss my husband...just 4 more days..I can wait..I'll be ok.

So what will happen?..will I need to go to the doctor to get checked out? when do you have an D&C?...when will the cramping and heavy bleeding stop? Could I get an infection? could you guys please help me with any info or advice..I am so naive to all this....Thank you-Jess----------> I am sorry so feels good to get this out..

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