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Amanda i don't think anyone can tell you to quit only you know your situation best even if sometimes it may be confusing trying to find an answer i am sure you will. although you are lucky to have two children you are also unlucky to have had loses of children too. ( i use the word unlucky as i don't have any other word to describe the kick in the teeth at losing a baby)I ask my self the same questions about the baby i m/c even though i am pg again at the moment i just like to think my baby is some where safe, but i know the loss of not knowing what could have been.As to why you or i m/c maybe the worst scenario we have to live with is there is no answer. If you are concerned you may be able to get some tests which look for a reason for recurrent m/c but it seems you have evidence in your 2 children that it is possible for you to carry a baby through a pregnancy and i think this is a positive you must hang on to. I also understand the fear of trying again i have been on a rollercoster of worry this pregnancy but have started to allow my protective guard down now i even found out the sex last week and it seems more believable now that i might actually have a baby omg how exciting. i am sorry for your loses and am sure you will do what is best for you, i hope the future brings you much happiness :) hope i was of use

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