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I miscarried a few weeks ago. This was my second miscarriage in the past 3 years. I have 2 beautiful girls that I am blessed with but the thoughts of my other children bare upon my mind each day. I think about who they would have been and what they would have looked like. If they would have been a girl or a boy. I look at my other children playing and I think about the extra love and joy that would have filled our home if I could have had the other children. I also had an ectopic pregnancy. It was the hardest. Although I knew the baby was in my tubes and wouldn't live, it was still extremely hard to give the doctor the o.k. to give me the chemo. I felt like I was telling the doctor it was o.k. to take the life of my child. I am struggling with the thought of trying to have more children. I have always wanted at least 4 but under the circumstances I have endured, I am scared to continue trying. I am just 24 years old, I have alot of time to decide on this. My first child was born in Oct. 01, I had my first miscarriage in Feb. 2002 just 4 months after the birth of my first child. From that miscarriage I got a blood disorder called ITP. Doctor told me not to get pregnant again but in Nov. 2003 I was pregnant. My second child was born in June 2004. Everything went wonderful. I had my eptopic pregnancy in March of this year and now I have had but yet another miscarriage. Any thought about what I should do? Should I quit now and enjoy the blessings God has given me? Why does this happen? Does it mean that something was wrong with the embryo? Or is something wrong with my body? Please help!

Thanks a billion!

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