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U R facing a serious problem but U need to complete the process. Most exams
don't show residual things like blood, tissue, microscopic infections in area. U
usually have a D & C procedure w/ lab wk. to totally clean you. Dr. needs
labs to see if any thing was left to go systemic (in blood) to alert them of
complications &/or put U on antibiotics or fol/ups. Wasn't me, but friend was
released after Dr. said it was a `complete' at 8wks along. Bleeding stopped like yours. 2 mo. later, bleeding started w/ cramps. Emergency D&C was done
+ labs showed infection was in her blood & passing threw organs causing
more damage. She was hospitalized 1 wk. on IV's. I think it effected her
permanently for future pregnancies. 3 yrs. tried & couldn't. Then w/ drugs,
3 tries were a success only to mis-carry each one. It's been yrs. & they
stopped trying. If you're not alive, money isn't a problem. Don't know you're
age/situation but perhaps U can arrange payments? Get a referral to a clinic?
Call County for possible assistance? Show order sheet to lab & ask for a cash
quote? U have to complete things or the bill could be alot later. Do the tests
& think abt the $ later. U have a month before the bill comes.
Thank you guys! I was in the ER a couple of nights ago for more bleeding and cramping. They said that my miscarriage is complete, now my uterus is shedding (or something like that). They said I was ok. I can expect to bleed for 2 more weeks, getting better after a week. Still no D&C. How much bleeding and clotting is too much? I'm going through a pad ever hour and a half to 2 hours, and I can see some clotting in the toilet (ranging from mostly small, to a few big). This feels like the worst period ever! It freaks me out to look in the toilet! Is there anything I should look out for?

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