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I was induced at 15 weeks because my baby died around 13wks. I haven't stopped bleeding/spotting since. I was going to go on the patch for a week and then progesterone for two to see if it would help my cycles regulate. My OB ran an HCG level just to be safe...lo and behold they're still elevated (and no I'm not pregnant :) ).

So I have to have another one done on Monday and if they haven't dropped significantly they're going to order a pelvic ultrasound.

I've been having miscarriages and menorrhagia for a year now. I really hope this will be the end of it. I'll most likely go on the patch as soon as possible after all is said and done.

There is most likely retained placental tissue. I've been passing clots and tissue on and off. This happened with several of my other m/c too. I've always cleaned out on my own before though with my first period (bled, cramped and passed tissue/clots). I've never had any complications from it though so I'm not anticipating any this time.

I'm not worried, just looking forward to be done with all of this :) .

Thanks for letting me share here. The 11th of this month was the delivery day of my son Asher a year ago (I was 17 weeks gestation when he died). So it's been a long year and I just want to get beyond all of this. We won't be trying again for a very very long time (if ever...we'll see).

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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