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Sorry mods--I posted this in the pregnancy board didn't realize there was a place for Miscarriage posts, thanks.
Have any of you had a D&C (went under gen.anestetics completely asleep) and the next day you feel muscle aches all over?
I just had a D&C for a missed miscarriage yesterday and I'm not sure if I'm starting to get an infection (tho I'm on an antibiotic that I started after the surgery) or if I just didn't get any good sleep last night and perhaps thats making me feel badly.
I couldn't sleep last night, I ended up falling asleep around 3am (my surgery was finished at 6pm) I'm just not sure...I think I'll try taking a nap this afternoon but I'm just slightly worried about infection just from what I'm reading. I have no other symptoms just all over body feels like I ran a marathon or something (ouch!)
I took 600mg of Ibuprofen this morning but it didn't seem to make much of a difference It's thanksgiving what should I do? Should I just wait it out and see how i feel after a nap or wait until tomorrow if things persist? (my ob doc office isn't open on friday )

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