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Re: Previous m/c
Nov 26, 2005
My first pregnancy was lost to a m/c, immediately after that I became pregnant again and successfully carried her to term. I felt terrible about it too at times during the pregnancy worried that I would forget the first one and thought that I might not love her as much as I could. However, once she was born and her first bout with colic hit so did my motherly instincts and there was no going back love was there and regrets were non-existant. I think what I was doing during that pregnancy was trying to prepare myself incase something went wrong with her too. That maybe if I didn't get too attatched that if I lost her it wouldn't hurt so much. The miscarriage was extrememly painful physically and emotionally and still controls my thoughts. You will not forget by having more children. I have now had 3 miscarriages, I have 2 girls ages 7 and 8 and am now 27 weeks pregnant with another little girl. It is not wrong for you to have these thoughts or feelings and venting surely helps. You will be allright with this.

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