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Hi there

I am feeling very sad and looking for posiable answers. I m/c'd for the 9th time last week and I was just in my 9th week. I wish I knew why my body did this, it hurts so much and I can't really trust pg signs anymore.

After letting my doctor know exactly how distressed I am he agreed to investigate for my DH&I.

One thing I came across in light of recurrent m/c's is APA, does anyone have any advice on do I get screened? etc

DH is have a SA and I'm having a sleep test for sleep apnoea.

~~please anyone with any advice or suggestions I'd be really grateful~~
weepyone I'd listen to your 'rants' all day :-) I am going to see if the library has some of those really good books on m/c to help the healing happen.

Lostmyself I feel very sorry for your losses, I can't imagine 10 it's horrific enough to loose one or two but recurrent m/c's are dreadful. Planting something in the garden, helps as well. I'm about to plant herbs this time; parsely, corriander and a few flowers...One other thing i do is have a look at the chinese birth charts see what sex it was for the month I concieved and name my child it helps then look up at the night sky and name a star.

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