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well, I don't think I'm of much help with my answer, since I'm still waiting for my AF. But then again it's only been 1 1/2 weeks since my m/c...
I wouldn't worry too much about it though. Every woman's body is different. You never know, it might just be the beginning and will get stronger after a few days, or it will go and come back again... I don't think you should compare too much what's happening with your body to what they write in books or tell you. As long as AF is coming back, right?

you can totally ignore my question if it's too personal, but I wanted to ask whether this was your first miscarriage and how long you think you'll wait before you'll TTC again? To me, it doesn't go fast enough, and I wish I'd had at least one cycle behind me, but I think we'll wait at least two before we'll try again. I'm just so worried that it will happen again!

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