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Hi there,
I miscarried at 5 weeks (natural miscarriage). My dr. told me to wait until I had one normal cycle and then I could try again. My next cycle started exactly one month from the day I miscarried. We haven't tried to get pregnant since then. Sorry, I'm not much help!
hey ladies,
just wanted to let you know that I had a perfectly normal period around the 11th, which was a bit sooner than my regular cycles, but hey, I was happy!! the sooner periods start up again the sooner I can starty ttc again, right? my m/c was a natural one also and my hormone levels came down nicely. I know I could probably try again now already, but dh and I said we were going to wait until Jan. thanks for all your replies, they really helped!! and good luck to you all with your (future) pregnancies! my wish for the new year is nothing but healthy babies on this earth!!
have a wonderful holiday season you all! Much love, B.

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