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Thank you all soooo much! It really helps me to hear how other women/couples deal with this situation!
Shining Star: I too had an aversion to certain smells for a whileafter my m/c, but all other pregnancy signs went away pretty much right away. Now I understand what it feels like when they say you feel empty...thank you for your kind words, and I hope you will get a bfp real soon!!
Weepyone: I will take you as a good example that it can work! I feel for you when you say that you're so concerned with every cramping, and you should make your doc check you out! Good for you! It is wonderful that your DH is supporting you so much! My DH is totally the same. He says, that the next time around, we'll probably be even more conscious about it than the first time around! Poor honey, doesn't really know at all what is going on with my body...thank you for all that sticky baby dust! I'll keep it in a safe place and will use it when the time is right! ;)
sgc: I too, am so sorry to hear about your m/c! Like yours, mine was natural, the body just totally took care of herself! An amazing thing, when you stop for a moment to think about it! Wow! So no A/F yet for you? Well according to all those signs you are having, you might well be pg again, honey! And if that's the case then I will take that babydust out of that safe place and blow it in your direction right away!!! All I can say is POSITIVE THINKING can do wonders!! And bless you for being so fertile!!! :) Keep us all posted on how it's going, OK? Good luck to you!
Chysmom: that's exactly what my doctor told me as well! The thing with the 'emotionally ready' part is, I think I'm ready to go for it again, feel really ready, and as soon as I hear I m/c again or something else is wrong, my emotional readiness is gone, you know what I mean? But it is reassuring to hear that even though we m/c'd, the possibilities of it happening to us again are low! Thank you also for all your kind words and support!

My DH and I will go to a sweat lodge for New Years! I went last year for the first time and even though it was tough, I loved it! I think, I could use a good cleansing of the body, mind and soul, now even more so than ever! And after that, we'll probably start bd again! New year, clean body, refreshed mind, what could possibly go wrong?
I'll be checking in over the holidays, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you ladies again one more time! Bless you all, the best of luck and enough babydust to all of us! YAY!

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