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I am 3 months post miscarriage. I had a period 6wks later but never ovulated and missed my following period. I've also been bleeding the entire time. I hemorrhaged about 2wks post m/c and had a cyst rupture on my ovary a couple of weeks ago. My HCG levels were still elevated at that time...they were back to normal by last Monday.

I began bleeding and cramping Monday night (I thought it was my overdue period). I cramped and bled until Thursday night when the cramps became unbearable. I was supposed to have a pap/pelvic and discuss hormone options with my midwife Friday morning so I didn't go in to ER (should have!). Lo and behold the office called the next morning and had to cancel my appt because my midwife was delivering a baby and my OB is not in on Fridays :rolleyes: . So I went to the ER (the cramps had died down to twinges by this point and I was only spotting but I could tell my cervix was dilated and I had some tissue in the opening).

They said I was dilated to 4 or 5 and that there was indeed tissue stuck there. They pulled it out (thankfully it was painless!) and it was the size of a large egg!! I'm not sure how my OB missed it! I realize these things happen though. I'm on an antibiotic now to prevent infection...although the ER dr said there was no indication that there was any infection (that's good!).

I'm still spotting some but I hope this will be the end of this whole ordeal. If I continue to bleed my dr and I agreed that I'd go on the patch for one cycle and then progesterone supplements every two weeks for a year.

It's a catch 22 though because if I don't stop bleeding I need to use the hormones but I can't take the hormones until I get a pap (haven't had one in a year and a half) and I can't get the pap until I stop bleeding :rolleyes: . I can get a pap if I'm only spotting but my bleeding has been unpredictable for the last year.

Well, thank you for letting me share! I really hope this will bring some physical resolution!

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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