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The pathology report is in and the tissue did contain chorionic villi. Although we can't be 100% certain that it was another miscarriage all the clinical evidence points to that direction: Elevated HCG 3 months after miscarriage, had a period in October but not in November, enlarged uterus, felt nauseated and exhausted but blamed it on my thyroid even though labs came back normal, darkened areolas/sensitive nipples, bleeding/cramping that resulted in dilating to 5 and effacement (I've NEVER dilated to pass tissue outside of deilvering a full term baby or actively miscarrying...I've passed a lot of tissue after my miscarriages but never had cramping or dilation with it).

I just kept blaming everything on thyroid, hormone imbalance or possible retained tissue.

In my heart I believe it was another miscarriage. I always name my babies and have chosen Shalom Joy.

This is my 7th loss and hopefully my last.

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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