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hello everyone please help me, my dh and i have been trying to concieve for 2 years nearly, in jan 2004 i miscarried at 6weeks and had a d=c we started trying almost immediatly but it wasnt happening so in may we had fertility teats done which proved my husband had a low sperm count and gyny said wed need need assistance to concieve, then to our surprise i fell pregnant in august but this resulted in miscarrige, ive had 2 normal af since then (i didnt have a d=c) my problem is what if it takes us 2 years again to catch, so we have decided to go 4 private tratment and i know this sounds awfull but we only got enough funds for a couple of goes and im petrified it will result in miscarrige again after all that money in the uk u cant have it for free untill you 25 im 24 they will reffer me on my 25th bday agust nxt year but then its a 2 year waiting list. ttc is taking over my life i want a baby so bad but i dont know why im miscarrying orwhat i can do to find out why i am, could it be due to my husbands low sperm count, are there anythying i can do to increase my hubbys spermcount, please help a 3rd miscarrige would kill me. xx

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