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So much has been going on for you! Just as a side...I would definitely request having your thyroid antibody levels checked. It is not a test that is routinely done but it's imperative for a proper diagnosis. Make sure both your TPO and Tg antibodies are tested. Elevated antibody levels are linked to postpartum depression and postpartum thyroid disease (although if it persists, then you may have a chronic thyroid condition).

Autoimmune thyroid disease and autoimmune diabetes (insulin dependent) can occur together. Having one predisposes you to having the other. I hope that it will subside after pregnancy for you though. I wasn't sure if you were aware of those things or not so thought I'd share :) .

Low progesterone levels can be caused by low thyroid function also.

My friend had a seperation of her pelvis when she was pregnant with her last can be so painful...what a rough go!! She felt chiropractic adjustments helped her after she delivered (it didn't go away after delivery). I experienced it mildly with my first baby and that was enough for me!

Yeah, I'm really hoping the supplementation will help. I just can't imagine losing another baby...if we do I'm not sure I'll ever try again. I'd like to adopt some day but my husband doesn't share my enthusiasm :) . We'll see.

I'll most likely request a lot of testing before I try again. I'm concerned about autoimmune ovarian failure and would like to "rule it out". I don't want to do anything this year though...I need a break from drs :) .

I love your daughter's name...Charlotte!!

I'll keep in touch...I'm looking forward to hearing how beautiful your little sweet pea is :D !

Love and Prayers, Kelly

P.S. I don't know that the pain of miscarriage ever goes away. Even the times I became pregnant right away and carried baby to term I still felt a hollow emptiness.

I sat down in my rocking chair a few days ago and stared at our family picture. I couldn't help but think that we should have had another one by now since we always had it taken when "the baby" was 3 months old. We haven't had a baby and so haven't had another family picture taken yet. We need to get it done anyway but it's serves as a reminder that my babies are not with me. It's such a deep wound and it aches.

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