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Dec 27, 2005
The report came back from the geneticist. Apparently they couldn't get the cells to grow so the testing was a no-go. Unfortunately it took them 4 months and many phone calls to get the report to us when, according to my OB, it should have only taken three weeks.

My OB is recommending that my husband and I get the testing done now. He said that if I let insurance know that my dr feels it's medically necessary then they may pay for part of it. Even if insurance did pick up part of the tab I don't think we'd be able to afford it.

I'm not too disappointed since I wasn't expecting it to show anything in the first place. I think that my recurrent miscarriages are related to my autoimmune disease somehow. I had two random miscarriages prior to becoming ill (and had 5 healthy children) then suddenly after getting sick I haven't been able to carry a baby to term.

I was on the patch this month to see if it would help the constant bleeding. It stopped while I was on the patch and I've started my period now. If I still experience prolonged bleeding I'll go back on it.

My husband and I won't be trying for a while anyway. Although he mentioned that if I'm feeling okay and the bleeding is resolved he'd like to try in August...I guess we'll see.

Today is my second day off the patch and I feel positively horrid (like I have the flu but I don't...just autoimmune stuff...happens during every cycle and at other times every two months or so).

It seems like I know so many women that are pregnant right now...I'd be 32 weeks today had I not miscarried in August (my twin brother and I were born at 32 weeks).

Things used to be so simple! Have sex, get pregnant, have baby...things seem so complicated now.

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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