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Need some support
Jan 5, 2006
I would really appreciate some input. I am a mom of two great kids ages 8 and 5. I had a misscarriage almost 10 years ago.(first preg.) I had tested positive for a preg. and then had the m.c. before I even had a chance to go in for a first ob visit.
About a month ago, I had a little spotting. (I think from implantiation.) Then I was late for my cycle for about 3-4 weeks. During that time I had other signs of preg. but tested neg. every week. Well, a couple of weeks ago I started what I thought was a heavy period. by the next morning I was in a lot of pain and the blood was very thick and dark. This continued for a few days. I figured I had an early mc. The pain backed off and the blood was more normal.
Although, I knew I probably had a mc, I wasn't too upset because we weren't really ready to add a new family member. I was sad but not crushed like when I had tested positive and started to think of names. Anyway, after I thought it was all over, I was in the shower and started to have intermitent cramps followed by small gushes of blood. (sorry this is graphic) I had an idea of what was going on, bu then I passed a clot that was about the size of my thumb. Of course, I had to physically deal with the situation. When I picked it up there was a very small flat, perfectly round piece connected to a rubbery "clot" that (thank goodness) I couldn't really make out. I was so emotionally upset and I wasn't thinking so I didn't keep it. I completely fell apart a little later.
Because I wasn't in pain and I fugured it all came out, I didn't go in to the Dr. Well fast forward a week and a half. A few days ago I still had nausea and discomfort in my abdomen so I went in to the Dr. He didn't think that it was an eptopic or anything and sent me to have a quantative preg. test. I should find out tomorrow the results. Why would I still have an elevated hcg level two weeks after the "mc" if I never tested positive before it with urine tests? I think that I am more worried that they will say I was never pregnant. I know what I had to deal with and I don't want to hear anyone say that it never happened. I would greatly appreciate some feedback.
Sad and Confused

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