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[QUOTE=PrincessTilly]Hi everyone,
A few weeks ago i thought i was pregnant as my period was late, and so i did a test to put my mind at rest, and it came out positive. I then did another which was negative. I went to the doctors who, after a few tests said that I had been pregnant, however what i thought was a late period was in fact a miscarriage.
I know that it was very early on in a pregnancy, and also it wasnt planned and i am only 20 and i wouldnt have known what to do had i actually had a child, however now I feel that i have really lost something. It just hit me the other day how upset i was over this, as no matter how early it was i realised i had still lost an unborn child. I dont know if what i am feeling is normal for firstly an accidental pregnancy, and secondly a pregnancy so early on, but i am really quite upset about it.
I am at university and supposed to be revising for exams - i got behind what with feeling ill and going to the doctors a lot last week, but now i keep getting distracted by getting upset abotu what has happened!
Thank you for any replies

Hello Tilly:

I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. This happened with my first too. Sometimes there is no reason, except that maybe the egg was not strong enough? My doctor told me that sometimes it does not latch on right and expels itself. It started that I was late for my period. I took a test, it was faint positive, got bloodwork, it was positive. Then 4 days later I started to bleed and I thought they were wrong it was a late period, but I miscarried. Needless to say, the very next month I was pregnant again and have a healthy 7 year old son now. I looked at it as a blessing, that maybe there was something wrong with it. I think I was around 6-8 weeks when that happened. Don't be sad too long. There is always a reason for everything Tilly.

God Bless,

Melly :angel:

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