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HI Ibelieve

I am pregnant again after delivering my first son stillborn. Before I became pregnant I did the same as you, got advice from a specialist. Armed with knowledge about my situation and knowing I have the top specialists and doctors in my area is giving me confidence to not panic. I am going on 9 weeks and so far so good.

Make sure you get thoroughly tested before trying again. Anything such as hormonal, or physical reasons, blood type, genetic etc. could have caused your miscarriages. Do not just leave it to chance that it might not happen again. Do everything you can to find a cause. A good friend of mine became pregnant with her first the same week I was pregnant with my first. She ended up miscarrying in the 12th week. IT was her second miscarriage. She waited awhile and went to see a specialist. They did an ultrasound of her uterus and found there is a growth in her uterus that divided it in half. The baby could not continue growing due to the blockage. They said they can easily fix this problem with a simple surgery. She is so happy to finally have an answer. She is going to wait about a year before getting surgery, but once she has it, she is pretty confident she will be able to carry a baby full term. The best remediy for fear is knowledge. I know there is not always a defineite reason for miscarriage. Maybe they won't find any reason at all. But it can't hurt to try and find out for your own peace of mind. And then knowing you are in good hands, be sure to start your pregnancy with specialist with good reputation.
AS for me, I had my first ultrasound at 6 then 7 weeks. Seeing the little heart beating and knowing the bean is growing normally has been very reassuring to me. I also know I can call at the first sign of anything and they will see me right away.
Good luck and don't give up. You are not the only one to go through this.

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