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hi there in texas
i can only share my experience of pg after m/c. i m/c early last year and was pg after my first af, i am now 34 weeks pg.
i was very excited to be pg again but i suppose as self preservation i kept myself emotional distant from the baby for a good while in case i had another m/c i got scanned early at 5 weeks and nearly died with joy when i saw the heartbeat on the screen, then i started fearing that by my 12 week scan they would find the baby had died, he hadn't but i was an emotional wreck crying outside in the waiting area with all these other happy to be moms probably freaked out by me. i have to say keeping detached would not have prevented me feeling devastated had i had another m/c and even though i tried to jump for joy at my happy news i would not let myself. i did not think about names for a good while or buy any pg mags as i had the first time i was pg and had m/c i guess i was superstitious and trying not to tempt fate stupid i realise.
i have cried many times for both the loss of my first child and fear of losing the baby i am carrying my rock has been my dh he refused to be negative or worry (although i am sure he was underneath) and we have gotten through. i found out the babys sex at 20 weeks its a boy and this reallly helped me bond as i could relate to him being a real person and started to believe i may actually have a baby. i still panic but now it is that he is delivered safely and well i am not even worried about the pain i will deal with it they can cut my legs off as long as i know ds is safe and well i think i won't believe it is real till he is crying in my arms.

i am not sure if i answered your question properly but i just wanted to share my experience and say worrying is normal but don't let it consume you. good luck ttc and i know it is hard but just because you have previously m/c'd it does not mean you will not have a full healthy pg and baby at the end it is possible. let me know if there is anything else i can answer more specifically from my experience :wave:

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