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My story..
Feb 16, 2006
I know many of you feel that there is absolutely no hope. Well, I am hoping that my story will give you some encouragement. My story IS a bit different, but none the less, I still went through the same thing everyone else here is.

About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with terminal leukemia, so, since I was so fertile, my doctor recommended getting my tubes tied so that I could focus on my treatments rather then having a pregnancy that could end up deadly for me. Reluctantly, I agreed to have it done.

Then, about 5 years ago, despite the doctors only giving me 1 year, they told me that the leukemia have mysteriously disapeared. At that point in time, I was in a fantastic relationship, and we wanted nothing more then to be able to have a child of our own (I had 2 of my own, but he didnt have any). So, we started to look into getting my tubes untied. In 2001, I had surgery to untie my tubes. The doctors gave us a 85% chance of becoming pregnant. However, they did not tell me that because of my ITP, I had a 90% chance of miscarriage.

About 2 cycles after my tubal ligation, I became pregnant with twins. At 15 weeks, I miscarried. This would not be my first miscarriage either. It was the first of 10 miscarriages. I would miscarry any where from 6 weeks to 20 weeks pregnant. We had pretty much lost all hope on achieving a successful pregnancy. I began to loose all respect for myself, as a woman. What is the matter with me? Why cant I do what I was put on this earth to do? If it wouldnt have been for my 2 kids, I wouldve stayed in bed all day, and sunk into further of a depression. But, I HAD to get up and live for the 2 that I had.

On my 11th pregnancy, I didnt even tell my husband, cause I was just waiting for it to end, as did every other one. During this pregnancy, we moved from one province to another. So, I had to switch doctors. The very first time that I saw this doctor, after reading my history, he immediately put me on [B]progesteron supositories[/B][I][U]. I tell you, those are the greatest invention to medical science, ever. Because of these, I now have two children with my husband.

My family doctor, who prescribed these to me, followed me through my pregnancies until 5 months, then sent me to a specialist because I am a high risk pregnancy. NOT one of the specialists that I went to, knew what these supositories were. But, they do exist, and they do work.

My advise to anyone reading this, is do research on them. If your doctor doesnt know what they are, take that research to him/her. If need be, keep going till you find a doctor that DOES know what they are. Also, another thing that I was told, is one of the main causes of miscarriages, is a lack of blood flow to the placenta. Take baby asprin......1 a day. It helps the flow of blood. With this last pregnancy, I was hospitalized for 2 months due to being at a high risk of loosing my son (you can only take the supositories till 3 months). My doctor put me in the hospital, and made me take baby aspirin for the remainder of the pregnancy. I am no doctor, by any means, so please talk to your doctor about these things. I am only telling you what worked for me, after 10 miscarriages. Things that were told to me.

Most of all, dont give up hope. So many times, as was my case, this is easier said then done, but you need to keep strong, trying to conceive and carry through with it, is one of the most difficult things to do, emotionally. You need to keep having faith and being strong, otherwise you will slip so far into depression, and its not the easiest thing to do.

I dont check these boards very often, but if anyone has any questions, feel free to [email][COLOR=Sienna][I]REMOVED[/I][/COLOR][/email].

Keep strong!!


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