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I have a question. I went to the doctor's last week and had my ultrasound and baby looked great. I did tell the doc that I bled every now and then but nothing major. He said it was "implantation" bleeding and not to worry. Ok, so all is fine and then this morning around 4:30 I went to the bathroom and there was bright red blood , sorry for tmi, but I had bled in my sleep. I noticed a few tiny clots, nothing major. I immediately elevated my feet and the bleeding has stopped. Now I have four children and have had a "missed miscarriage" 10 years ago and a "blighted ovum" 5 years ago, so am I headed that way again? I didn't call the doctor because I just don't want to rush to judgment but since it has been so long ago since my last miscarriage, what are signs that I should be looking for if I am having a "missed" miscarriage? If I remember correctly I didn't even know that the baby had died, of course it was my first pregnancy though. I am just so confused. Should I just wait it out since the bleeding has stopped completely? Any info would be helpful.

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