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I have miscarried twice. The first one was a long process. I started bleeding and cramping around 6 weeks of pg. I was put on some progesterone because it appeared I was carrying twins and that at least one was still alive. At 8-9 weeks I had a full scan run and there were no heartbeats so my doctor had me stop the progesterone which would allow me to start the miscarrying process. After a few days I began to have pain, cramps, and bleeding and it was horrible! I felt like I was in labor! My doctor called in some pain killers but it didn't help. I went through this slwo uncomfortable process for two days and than my doctor did a scan and saw I was filled with blood so that afternoon I had a D&C and after that I was fine.

My second miscarriage I do not believe there was ever a heartbeat and if there was I don't know. I went into the doctors to get a scan right after I found out I was pg at 5 weeks. There was no heartbeat and I wasn't miscarrying again naturally like I should have so I had another D&C and never felt any pain with it. I did have a second opinion which confirmed there was no heartbeat and that if there was a baby there it had died. I was devastated!

I went on to try a 3rd time to get pg and I had a healthy baby boy who is now 4. Before the miscarriages I had another healthy boy who is now 8 so I'm blessed. Miscarriage is not easy, but the experience is different for all women. Some are painful, short, long, and don't happen at all and need medical intervention.

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