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Okay everyone, I am writing this message on behalf of a family member. 2 weeks ago she had a miscarriage at 13 weeks. A few days later she then had a D&C done at the hospital. They said they were going to send everything to pathology to see if they can find out anything. Anyways,...since then she has been having bleeding and cramping,especially at night. She has also had a lot of clotting, which she assumed was the uterine lining. Anyways, late last night she was going to the restroom. There was a large "splash" in the water so she looked to see what it was. She placed it in a baggie and took it to the e.r. where they claimed it was just a large clot. She said it was the length of her middle finger and the width of 3 of her fingers side-by-side. She said that the outside of the "clot" looked like when a balloon is blown up and then it loses air, and becomes loose and wrinkled...she said it looked like that and kind of like it had a cord or tail or something. The only 2 things she can think of is that the baby really was not removed during the d&C (but how could that be) or she was pregnant with twins and the doctor and the ultrasounds did not detect that! Does anyone have any info? Sorry for tmi!!!! Thanks all!

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