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I've been on Yasmin since my D&E for a missed miscariage. I'm on day FOUR of inactive pills with no period in sight so I've the opposite problem I'm afraid. Sorry I'm no help. :-(

(This might double post - I'm having some problems posting on this site today)
I had a miscarriage and D&C in December. I began spotting the beginning of January and this went on for 15 days. Spotting stopped for 10 days and then started again for 5. It's now mid February and I've not had another period. Is this something I should see a dr about or is my body just getting back to normal?
I'm so sorry about everyone's losses. I wish you all the best but know it isn't easy sometimes to keep a positive outlook.
As for periods being all wacky, I'm in the same boat. I had a D&C in December '06 for a missed miscarriage (at 11 weeks) and got my period exactly 28 days after the surgery. The doctor said to wait 2-3 periods before trying to conceive again, so I'm now eagerly awaiting my second period. I'm on day 31 without it and feel as if I have no signs of it coming either. Anyone have any experience, input?? I really thought I'd be on time since I got my first one right on schedule.
I had a missed miscarriage last summer and my period arrived 40 days after the d & c. I had a lot of complications after that d & c, which may be why it was so long after. The next cycle was 30 days, and the next was 34. I am usally very regular, but things get very messed up cycle-wise afterwards.

I just had another missed miscarriage and am currently 9 days after the d & c. No sign of my period as of yet.

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