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Hi Lambchop,
I was so relieved and scared to find your post. I have been and am still going through a molar pregnancy. Here is my story...

My husband and I decided to try getting pregnant in 2004. My periods stopped and after seeing my GP, found out I was pregnant.

Things were going as planned, just like you, mood swings, sore breasts, weight gain, HCG levels rising normally. We went for the first scan and, like you, no baby. My husband and I were devistated. We had never heard of this before.

I had the D&C the next day, then went home. I had to go back every 2 weeks to check my HCG levels were falling normally, they are normal when they are less than 5. Mine got stuck at 12 and wouldnt fall any further. I had mythotrexate chemo to bring them down. When they reached 5, I stopped the chemo and proceeded to have monthly bolld tests to 12 mths to make sure they didn't rise again. Which they didn't.

18mths after my first pregnancy, we decided to try again. I went off the pill. One day at work I have a massive bleed, it was so bad I couldn't even walk around without it rolling down my legs. My boss took me to A&E, I was sure I was miscarrying. The bleeding stopped after a few hours. The Drs at A&E had no idea what was going on so sent me home with a scan in a week.

At the scan they found an AV malformation inside my uterus, a collection of blood vessels hanging insode my uterus, supposedly left over from the molar pregnancy 18mths ago.

Since then I have been adimitted to have two uterine embollisations, where they try to block off the main arteries feeding these blood vessels. Both failed. After speaking with endo's in the US, my gynae has had me on the pill for 6mths, taking only the hormone tablets, so no periods. Hopefully this would have reduced the blood flow to the uterus and shrunk the blood vessels. I am now waiting for a scan at the end of the month to find out if it has worked.

This whole event has now been going on for more than 2yrs. I feel drained, depressed and as I am typing this, I am crying my heart out.

I also agree that there needs to be some sort of support group for people like us. I am now terrified about the risk of cancer. How did you know yours was cancerous? Was it because you levels wouldn't fall?


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