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Hi Susanna,

I'm so, so sorry, about your loss. I understand your pain. My story is exactly the same. I found out at my 12w ultrasound that the baby died at 10 weeks. I had a D&C that same day. It was devastating. I thought I would never stop crying.
Well, it's 3 months later and We are TTC again. We tried last month with no luck, but I don't think my body was ready.
This month I feel back to normal and excited to Try again. I still mourn the loss of my baby, but life goes on and we hope to see a BFP real soon!

If you have any questions about your recovery, just ask. I had tons of questions, everyone is different, but you will find there are women with the same recovery as you and it will ease your mind.

Everything will be o.k. Just, cry as much as you need to, rest as much as you need to and have faith that eveything happens for a reason.

and before you know it you'll have a BFP, too!


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