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Lost baby number 4
Mar 23, 2006
Just a quick note as Im not in the mood to be writing the last year has been really hard for me I lost a baby in feb 2005 at 19 weeks due to the cord being round his neck I was told that the chances of this happening were rare so 2 months later I got preganant again this time i miscarried at 7 weeks which was traumatic but still wanted to try again so last year I was happy to find out I was pregnant especially after having the 12 week scan the baby even waved at us and I took that as a sign it would all be ok.
Anyway because of previous troubles I bought a doppler and listened to my babys heartbeat eveyday from 12 weeks
At 15 weeks to the day I layed on my bed as I had done every night but couldnt find a heartbeat kept trying over the next 24hours but couldnt hear a thing. Anyway to cut a long story short I was admitted to hospital just over a week ago (wed 15th) and induced at 15 wks the baby had died (confirmed by scan) and found out to my horror that I had lost another boy with exactly the same thing the cord was round his neck.
The worst part is noone knows why as this is totally unheard of to happen twice in the 2nd trimester. I am so scared right now I dont know what is wrong with me but this cant be just bad luck like they said before anyway dont know if ill be back on these boards again as its too hard right now. Just wanted to share my story.

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