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Well I had surgery on the 15th of March and I am recovering quite well. I stopped bleeding last Friday on the 24th. But today I was kind of spotting a bit, as if I might get my period in a few days. That's how my periods are. They start off spotting for a day or two and then I fully get it for five straight days. So, I am just waiting to get my period now. I am feeling much better physically, emotionally I am doing better. I am not depressed like I was, but I still have my moments. I am eager to start working out again, finish my classes by May!!, and spend time with my husband. We are going to wait atleast the 3 months my dr. said. I may wait longer, not sure yet. My doctor said they did not find anything genetic that caused the miscarriage. I was curious to see if they found out the sex, but no. My Dr. says my uterus is very healthy. I'm glad to hear that. I have thank everyone here on this board. It is great to know there are people who are there to talk to.

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