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With my missed miscarriages I didn't have much for symptoms from the beginning but the ones I did have disappeared (the first and most noticeable was that my nipples became less tender and my breasts were softer/smaller). Since I was in my second trimester I just assumed I was starting to feel better. I was induced for both and delivered in hospital.

The baby breaks down and is absorbed by the body if the body does not start the miscarriage process. However most women will either miscarry by that time or will be aware that something is wrong and have a D&C after confirmation.

Some women only pass gray pieces of tissue. Some will pass a placenta with no baby; in my case, I delivered both of my babies (they were boys).

Missed miscarriages aren't common. Although when I requested progesterone for my next progesterone my OB "warned" me that my body may continue to carry the baby even if he/she has died because there isn't the natural drop in progesterone that signals the body to begin the miscarriage process.

It's unlikely that you'll have any trouble though :) . At 10wks your chances of miscarrying are quite low even if you've had a previous loss.

I hope you're able to relax and enjoy every moment with your little one...I know...easier said than done :) .

When is your next appt? I would imagine they'll listen for the heartbeat soon with the doppler. It's always so reassuring to hear the little thumping :angel: .

Let us know how things go.


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