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I've started spotting last wed/thur(brownish spotting). Didn't really think much of it-called the dr & he said not to worry. Well Saturday afternoon, I started bleeding-just like I got my period. I went to the emergency room, did a pelvic exam & told me my cervix was still closed which was good & took my blood & my hcg levels measured 2200. The er doc said since my #'s were above 1200, they would go ahead & do a vaginal u/s to see baby. There was nothing there. He sent me home & said a miscarriage was probably inevitable.
Well I went to the doc today, cervix is still closed but I am still bleeding. They took my blood & i'm waiting for the hcg results to see if they've increased. My doc put me on bed rest for a week & said I possibly could still miscarriage-we just have to wait to see what the hcg numbers look like. He also told me that 5wks could be too soon to see anything-even with a vaginal u/s.
I'm afraid to get my hopes up. I was up til 3am crying saturday night cause i just knew the miscarriage was happening & I was trying to begin to accept the idea that i was miscarrying.(the er dr was so negative about a good outcome) I totally didn't expect for the miscarriage to not have happened yet, & now this wait is killing me! Please pray for me girls..i have been nonstop since day 1 of spotting.
Anyone else out there experiance af type bleeding, but had a successful pregnancy?


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