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I've started spotting last wed/thur(brownish spotting). Didn't really think much of it-called the dr & he said not to worry. Well Saturday afternoon, I started bleeding-just like I got my period. I went to the emergency room, did a pelvic exam & told me my cervix was still closed which was good & took my blood & my hcg levels measured 2200. The er doc said since my #'s were above 1200, they would go ahead & do a vaginal u/s to see baby. There was nothing there. He sent me home & said a miscarriage was probably inevitable.
Well I went to the doc today, cervix is still closed but I am still bleeding. They took my blood & i'm waiting for the hcg results to see if they've increased. My doc put me on bed rest for a week & said I possibly could still miscarriage-we just have to wait to see what the hcg numbers look like. He also told me that 5wks could be too soon to see anything-even with a vaginal u/s.
I'm afraid to get my hopes up. I was up til 3am crying saturday night cause i just knew the miscarriage was happening & I was trying to begin to accept the idea that i was miscarrying.(the er dr was so negative about a good outcome) I totally didn't expect for the miscarriage to not have happened yet, & now this wait is killing me! Please pray for me girls..i have been nonstop since day 1 of spotting.
Anyone else out there experiance af type bleeding, but had a successful pregnancy?

I've heard that some women still get AF for the first severl months and sometimes throughout the entire pregnancy.

I don't think you should give up hope yet...sounds like your hcg levels are good. Plus, your doctor has not given up and I'm sure he wouldn't give you false hope, so there's probably a good chance that everything is okay.

I know the waiting is really hard. Only 15-20% end in miscarriage which means 80-85% don't...those are pretty high odds (though we all would like them to be 100%). I hope everything works out well for you.

My hurt is breaking for you and I will pray that you will get good news! Try to get your rest and I know how hard waiting is, believe me, but it is all you have to do right now is wait. You've done what you can do. You could possibly just be having some "normal bleeding" as long as your numbers stay good. I have read this happens to many woman who go on and have normal pregnancys. You and your baby will be in my thoughts and prayers....

P.S. How far along are you?

Melly :angel:
I called & got my HSG scheduled for Wednesday. I'm pretty nervous about it & very anxious to get it over with as I've heard it can be pretty uncomfortable. I've got my fingers & toes crossed that it'll go well & will have a good outcome. :angel:

I'll let you girls now how it turns out.

Deadsy- That's too funny we posted @the same time. How have u been? Are you waiting a couple of cycles ttc? It's going to be so odd to be on the ttc board again. Hope all is well. :angel:

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