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this is my first mothers day. i had a miscarriage in december. it was awhile ago and i thought after two weeks of crying i was done being upset. but then in january i had severe bleeding and had to have a d&c so that brought out all of the feelings i tried to hide. now i feel all of those feelings coming back. my best friend just had a baby and i am so happy for her- her baby is the most beautiful boy ever. i just feel so empty and sad. i should be seven months pregnant and i know that no one will realize my pain about mothers day. i wish my husband would just know to do something nice for me on sunday but i know he won't and i'm not going to tell him. i feel so lonely and depressed sometimes. it's like one minute i'm fine and not thinking about our lost baby and the next i'm crying. i am unbelievably happy for my freinds who have children but at the same time i want to talk to them about this. i feel if i do i will ruin their mothers day so i won't say anything.i don't want to burden my husband either so i'm not going to say anything to him. i'm so confused on what i should do.

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