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I had my miscarriage (at 13 weeks) 22 days ago. I had to have an emergency D&C so I have had a heck of a time. First week major cramps and bleeding. Second week milder cramps and red spotting then it varied depending on the amount of exercise I do can be nothing for couple of days, brown spotting or red/dryish bleeding. I am so tired of it already! I hope you are starting to regulate. I am hopefull mine will end soon! Any advice out there for this too?
My mother-in-law waas a nurse and said bleeding after my type of trama could last up to 6 weeks. Wish me luck! But most places say to wait 1-3 cycles. I do know of a woman who got pregnant without even having a cycle in between and had a healthy boy!
Just an update... Today I am on week 6 after my miscarriage, and still no period. Sigh... I don't know what's up... or what to do. I've heard some women say it took 7 weeks for theirs to come... but my miscarriage was over so fast I didn't think I would be one of those people to have to wait two months for AF to come. I am getting bummed out about it... I really want to start TTC again and I feel like everything is trying to hold me back that possibly can. I've been sick with some kind of cold/flu type thing... and three weeks later I still have a little cough. I also developed a yeast infection for the first time ever... Grrr!! ***?! Anyway, I am just venting. I am going to take another pregnancy test because I am having mood swings and irritability like I am pregnant... but maybe it's just because my hormones are out of wack.
Okay well thanks for listening to me rant.. I hope you are all doing well!

purplehugs-it took about 5wks from the day I very first bled for me to get my cyle back. so i'd say give it another week or two....but then like everyone says, we're all differant!

after my miscarriage, everytime i'd log on here i'd go straight to the preg boards & read. don't know everytime i log on i come straight here.

deadsy-glad to hear your doing well! have you made an appt yet?

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