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yes, miscarriages can happen early into the pregnancy, without you even knowing of ever having been pregnant. and i would assume your period would be a little heavier than normal and could be right around your actual period or later.
my question to you is, how long have you been on the patch for? because if you've just started it a few months ago, it could be that your cycles could be still off a little. sometimes it takes quite a while for the body to adjust. i'd never tried it myself but i had to switch to different bc for a while because i kept getting headaches, and my cycle was screwed up for quite a while.

did you use any other birthcontrol besides the patch when you had sex? maybe it would be good to use a back up, if you feel like it's not sticking to your skin the way it should. i wouldn't trust it if it came half off my body!

lots of women have miscarriages without knowing, and they go about their business and all is fine. when i had my miscarriage at 6 weeks i was scared and demanded my ob took a look at me. but they would have just monitored my hormone levels otherwise. i just wanted to make sure all had come out. but since it happened so early on with you (if you indeed had a m/c), i would thing you would just check your cycle again next time to see if everything is back to normal. however, if you get heavy bleeding with or without cramping, i'd definitely go see your doc.

hope this helped. good luck.


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