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Apr 25, 2006
My boyfriend and I found out we were pregnant 2 weeks ago- Had my first apt yesterday, and was told we were 8wks. It took a bit of time for him, but we were both settling in with the idea of #2(#1 is not biologically his-but might as well be). So- I mentioned to the Dr that I had been having cramping in my lower left abdomen as well as Slight spotting- only when I wipe. And not all the time. Went through the whole regular 1st exam. Except no sono.
Well, last night we were 'fooling around' no penetration- and all the sudden it was like a scene from 'Carrie.' I was terrified. it was bright red blood. No clots and the pain was gone.
called the triage nurse and spoke to Dr on call. He said it sounded like a MC. Talked to my Dr today- he said with the bleeding and my blood results (didnt specify) it was a MC.
But I don't get it... I havn't passed anything CLOSE to a clot yet and it has been 24 hrs. I still feel pregnant. My boobs still hurt like heck! And my appetite is still hearty.
He wants to see me next week to check blood levels...But shouldn't I have passed something yet?
I thought it could have been multiples- but if the blood levels are low- that's not right-right?
I am so confused and scared.
We were at the grocery today and I figured I should get pads to 'be ready.' I lost it in the isle. I was sobbing. We were at Target to get out of the house- and I drifted towards the maternity clothing and lost it again. Then I kept going towards the baby section and just crying.
Everything was fine the 1st time.
Any thoughts and comments would be helpful.
Thanks for letting me get at least one brick from this house off my back.

B' Shalom,

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