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Re: Hsg
May 18, 2006
My doc called me today just to confirm that everything looked just fine on the x-rays from the HSG. OMG, I can't even begin to explain how relieved I am!! I'm due for my annual exam in June, I figure after that dh & I will start ttc again-so it'll be July. Which is good, b/c after my m/c I picked back up my nasty nasty habit of smoking(i haven't smoked in over a year). Don't know what the hell I was thinking-guess I wasn't. So after tonight i'm throwing this pack of smokes in the trash can. It's a nasty nasty habit......

Deadsy-How you doin girl! I've been thinking about you. Let us know when you test or if af know, just keep us updated :D .

Teacher-Thanks for your reply. It was definately worth going thru it to know that everythings ok down there. How have you been?

Ibelieve-Thank you for your earlier response also! Yes, definately definately worth going thru.

It will really be strange for me to go back to the ttc boards. I'm gonna "try" to not be so obessive this time around ttc. But I feel like home here on these boards, it's so nice to be able to log on & post.

Well you ladies have a good night :angel:

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