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im really sorry to hear about your loss,i also have lost a boy at 33ks, 4 days after our first girls 1st birthday,believe it or not ,time is a great healer even though i still have memories of his pink face still looking like hes asleep,and after ten yrs and 7 pregnancies i have the 4 chilldren i always youngest daughter is 3 and before her i had 2 +18 wk miscarriages brought on at the hospital.i had pre-eclampsia with my 3 losses and i nearly died with my 33wk son after having him,i have a daughter of 9 ,sons 8 & 6 and my youngest girl .i treasure every moment with them and i feel guilty for shouting at them when theyre naughty,weve been through alot in 12 yrs together my husband and i and it has made us stronger as a family,we found out our eldest daughter had dyspraxia at the age of 6,when your out walking and looking into space other peope around are oblivious to the turmoil going inside your head and you feel like you just want to shout it out loud,so someone else can share youre grief,i admit i spent most of my time crying once i was in bed,it took me a year to pull myself together after losing my first son,now hes a memory i hold when i looked at him in my arms,and when i pass on i still have his ashes so he wil be with me where he belongs,
i know your grief is still new and in time like me when the time feels right you will want to try for another baby,when that time is right i just want to wish you every bit of luck for the future and though you never mentioned if you have any other children or not i hope everything turns out how you wish and the best of luck to you

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