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I did spot with one pregnancy due to a subchorionic hemorrhage. They are not usually harmful unless they are large. It's where blood pools between the uterus and placenta (MOST of them are NOT large).

I ended up miscarrying but it was not due to that (I have an autoimmune condition and have had 7 first/second trimester losses).

It was a relief for me to at least know why I was bleeding. I had actually stopped bleeding several weeks before my baby died and the hemorrhage was gone on the last u/s I had.

I never would have known I had it if I wouldn't have requested my u/s report (read it for myself and researched it online). Apparently it warrants so little concern that drs don't usually even mention it. It's a common finding that usually doesn't present complications other than spotting (I was upset though since had my dr just told me I wouldn't have been so concerned about the bleeding :rolleyes: !!).

I hope this helps!


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